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Trouble-shooting HVAC issues

AirTech occupies a unique position in the facilities management sector as we have such a diverse range of in-house expertise. This knowledge really comes to the fore when we are asked to assist in problem solving with ongoing HVAC issues. Here are just a few examples:-

Leicester University

Ongoing issues with ventilation systems and pressure regimes in a sensitive laboratory building.

Through our understanding of ventilation systems and controls integration, and by working closely with site engineers, we identified issues with third-party control devices, ductwork components and the software strategy.

System components were replaced, and the controls strategy enhanced to give precise control throughout the building.

Center Parcs – Woburn

Issues with thermal transfer from district heating scheme.

With our sister company we identified issues with a number of pressure independent control valves (which were indicating the correct water flow but not delivering it), balancing issues around central plant and some tweaks required to the control’s strategy.

This system now operates correctly, and with improved efficiency. Our ongoing role also means that we are constantly fine-tuning and improving systems operation throughout the site in conjunction with our sister company.

Wyre Forest District Council Offices

We were called in to help diagnose issues with temperature control in one of the main spaces within this building.

Using our in-house commissioning expertise, we carried out thermal imaging, smoke testing (to trace air movement from HVAC) and airflow checks and found that airflows were not quite right. As a result, the correct throws were not being achieved from the supply grilles.

Our mechanical engineers worked closely with the site BMS engineer and several changes were made to the mechanical installation and the controls philosophy and the issue is now rectified.

Survey works

Our in-house expertise, coupled with our excellent team of third-party specialists, positions us ideally to provide detailed dilapidation/condition reports.

We have provided a number of “end of lease” dilapidation reports which are then used as a negotiating tool by both parties.

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